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Topic List: Opening the live editor | Select an image to edit | The image editor | Uploading an image | Why are my images blurry? | Changing the size of an image

Opening the live editor

We highly recommend our clients use the live editor to make changes to their website due to its ease of use.

To open the live editor, login with your WordPress admin details and navigate to the page you wish to edit.

You can also open the live editor from most pages or products by clicking “Avada Live”.

Click “Edit Live” on the top menu bar to edit the page.

Select an image to edit

To edit a specific image on your page, hover over the image until a menu appears, then click the pen icon to open the image editor.

The image editor

Once you click the pen icon, you’ll find the image editor on the left hand side of your screen.

You can add, replace, remove, or change the aspect ratio of an image from the image editor.

Uploading an image

To upload an image, open the image editor and select “Edit” below the image thumbnail.

Select “Upload Files” at the top to drag-and-drop an image into the window, then press “Insert into post”.

If you’ve already uploaded the file, open your “Media Library” at the top to select an image or images, then press “Insert into post”.

Why are my images blurry?

If your images are blurry, you may have not selected the “Full Size” of the image in the attachment display settings when uploading.

To change a picture you’ve already uploaded, navigate to the picture you want to change the size of, edit the picture, and select the correct sizing.

Changing the size of an image

To change the size of an image, open the paint brush (design) icon in the image editor.

Set the maximum width of the image in pixels (px), percent (%), or any other CSS value.

You can also change the images alignment to center, left, right, or in-line with text.

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